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According to Robson, when the Sun and Moon join Vega it can make people critical, abrupt, reserved and unpopular. It gives fleeting honors, insincere friends, public disgrace, probably through forgery, loss through writings, some ill-health, but also success in business, an influential position and gain through an annuity or pension. Solar eclipse conjunct Saturn does give this eclipse more serious overtones. It reinforces the grave and sober influence of Vega in general, and the critical, abrupt, reserved and unpopular influence from Vega.

However, Neptune eases the cold and restrictive nature of Saturn. Saturn gives the discipline and patience to fulfill your duties and obligations.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses , Online Eclipse Calendar, Astrology | tieroycapgoldre.ga

You may have to take on extra responsibility or act as a mentor or guide. This can be a time of great satisfaction, with achievements, recognition and promotion. You could act as a rock for someone, or be looked up to because of your stability and wisdom.

Structures in your life may need attending to. This can range from your physical home to how you organize your daily routine. This is a good solar eclipse to simplify and bring efficiency to your life. Solar eclipse sextile Neptune amplifies the harmonious and poetical influence of Vega. It makes this an excellent eclipse for musicians, artists and actors.

Neptune will also heighten your sensitivity and ability to read people and situations. It brings vivid dreams and enhances your intuitive and psychic abilities.


Greater empathy and receptivity in your relationships will bring shared non-verbal understanding. This is a good eclipse to express your more caring and sensitive side by serving others. Doing so will boost your self-esteem and personal satisfaction. Group activities and spiritual work like meditation will bring inspiring insights, greater self understanding and contentment. Saturn sextile Neptune brings material gain from spiritual pursuits.

With hard work and a sensible, realistic approach, your dream can come true. You will understand your own limitations but will be optimistic at the same time. This is a solar eclipse to gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual goals and how they fit into the bigger picture. You will show patience and self discipline without denying yourself or making sacrifices. Devotion and service to others will increase your spiritual awareness and understanding.

This aspect is also associated with finding or building your dream home. The January 5 solar eclipse has a generally positive influence because of a close alignment with the bright star Vega. A positive aspect to Neptune enhances the harmonious and optimistic influence of this star.

Accordingly, eclipses activate these nodes within our birth charts, illuminating our destiny. So, yeah, eclipses are a pretty big deal. In fact, each year, there are between three and seven eclipses and they often occur in clusters. The Cancer-Capricorn eclipses continue this summer with a solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2, and a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16—17, The final eclipse on this axis will occur on July 5—6, , when a total lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn concludes this two-year cycle.

There are two types of eclipses: solar and lunar. Solar eclipses occur during the new moon phase when the sun and moon are positioned at the exact same degree within the same zodiac sign. In this configuration, the moon passes between the sun and earth, temporarily obscuring the sun. Lunar eclipses, on the other hand, correspond with the full moon phase.

According to Time and Date , eclipses will occur the following dates:. These dynamic lunar phenomena were feared by our ancient ancestors. Early human civilizations built their societies around season changes and annual movements of the sun, so when an eclipse occurred they believed that the natural order had been compromised. To them, eclipses were a harbinger of danger — quite specifically, the apocalypse. Although we no longer connect these lunations to end days, astrologically speaking, eclipses are still a very big deal. Just as new moons are linked to beginnings and full moons are tied to culminations, eclipses serve as celestial checkpoints.

An eclipse is a high-octane lunation that helps illuminate our karmic path, but just as these cosmic events can be visually striking, eclipses can be a bit dramatic. Astrologically speaking, eclipses speed up time: They open new doors by slamming others shut, so we often find abrupt and sudden shifts occurring during eclipses.

Though the shifts can be jarring, eclipses help us by speeding up the inevitable. While the results of eclipses can be shocking, remember that these lunations simply expedite the inevitable — these events were going to happen eventually. Remember that endings are hard, but everything is cyclical: A culmination always occurs on the edge of a beginning. Remember that luck comes in many different ways; and in the case of a lottery ticket, one is enough if it is your lucky day.

Your Guide to Lunar & Solar Eclipses in 12222 and How They’ll Affect Your Life

Wednesday is a great day to gather with friends or associates to communicate your ideals and higher vision. Watch your dreams. The weekend is under the influence of a Cancer moon, great for tending to home and family issues. On Monday, warrior Mars moves into one of his two favorite signs, Scorpio, until January 3rd the other favorite sign of Mars is Aries. This is excellent for working on your ambitions or doing detective-research work. Scorpio is really good at doing projects that it is intensely passionate about, but not so good at doing things it feels lukewarm about.

Mercury ends his retrograde cycle on Wednesday the 20th.

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Allow extra time in traffic and keep a loose schedule in the days surrounding this change of direction Friday and Saturday are great for a party as the sun moves into enthusiastic Sagittarius and the moon is in social Libra. A lucky Venus-Jupiter conjunction occurs tomorrow morning Sunday Nov.

Partial Solar Eclipse of January 06

Sunday morning has two very different planetary pairings. Venus aligning with Jupiter is considered to be optimistic, expansive and lucky. Except for the potential for overindulgence, it is a happy combination. Then ambitious Mars opposes explosive Uranus to rattle the cage of your nice, neat life. This is an agent of change, and that can either come in a way that sets you free or blows up some aspect of your life. Stand in your power in the Taurus-Scorpio opposition, but avoid running control issues. If you have people in your life with control issues, give them a wide berth Sunday morning.

On Monday late afternoon Pacific time, Venus enters practical Capricorn until just before winter solstice.

This is a better business combination than a personal one. You can work on your ambition and the core structure of your life in order to manifest your values, needs and desires-but you need to be willing to work and be practical. The energy of owl wisdom does not get sucked into the emotionally reactive drama of the transitory world as it takes a higher view.

On another level, Sagittarius likes to have fun and is ready for a holiday party. An interesting, but somewhat abstract, event is Jupiter aligning with the Galactic Center of the Milky Way.